Dr. Tammy Francis


Corpus christi black chamber's Recording secretary

CEO and founder of Catalyst 4 Change Global, LLC and the C4C Global Community

Dr. Tammy Francis, The Catalyst, is a Texas native. Affectionately called Dr. Tammy, she is the CEO and founder of Catalyst 4 Change Global, LLC and the C4C Global Community. Dr. Tammy is an Associate Professor at a community college in Texas who is also a strategist, consultant, author, and speaker. Dr. Tammy areas of expertise are business/entrepreneurship, curriculum and instruction, college and career readiness, blockchain technology, and technology innovation. Dr. Tammy helps others on their journey toward more while sharing hers. She helps purpose driven leaders, entrepreneurs, and business startups all over the world clarify their vision, create an action plan, execute a strategy, and monetize their purpose using a purpose planning program and system I designed and created. Dr. Tammy is the catalyst who helps you bring their ideas (dreams) to reality.

Dr. Tammy is a TEDx speaker. Her talk is titled, “Connected to Your Purpose, on Purpose.” She has served as the Event Curator for TEDx Cole Park. This winter, she will launch her show, Connections and Conversations with Dr. Tammy, on Tuesdays at 7:30pm Central on Believe in Your Dreams TV, which will stream on Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Mini TV.

As an educator for more than 20 years, Dr. Tammy helps adults improve their reading and writing skills as well as their ability to be successful in college and life. She offers her services as a consultant and professional developer to support educators in the secondary and postsecondary classroom to improve reading and writing instruction across the curriculum as well as student success strategies in the school setting. She also shares instructional strategies that create an engaged, equitable, and inclusive environment for students from diverse backgrounds.

 As an entrepreneur and strategist, Dr. Tammy helps purpose driven leaders move in the direction of more and prepare for what’s next by providing the tools and strategies needed to plan and live on purpose in life, education, and/or business. She also offers goal setting/vision sessions, purpose planning workshops, and conscious connections retreats. 


Dr. Tammy also consults and educates on Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Technology in Education, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the technology industry and Blockchain profession, careers in the Blockchain and digital assets industries, certification of Blockchain professionals, and accreditation of Blockchain programs, institutions, and organizations around the world. Furthermore, Dr. Tammy provides professional development to Blockchain educators (faculty) on the best instructional practices in a variety of learning environments such as face-to-face and virtual and for corporations who host educational/training events for their employees on Blockchain Technology and the profession. In addition to her other areas of research, she researches and presents on blockchain in education and educational ecosystems, both nationally and internationally.  


She has served and currently serves on several local, national, and international boards. Dr. Tammy has also won several professional awards for her contributions to the field of education and research.